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6 Sep 2016
Unfortunately, wireless routers don’t always work as they’re designed to by their manufacturers. All routers are susceptible to certain network and other issues. The average person doesn’t have much experience tackling these issues. However, any person can access their Netgear router at to diagnose problems. Logging into this access point allows a user to rest their router and perform other actions.

Netgear Wireless Router Troubleshooting

Most Netgear routers default to, which is a private IP address. Only users on the local network can access this address. After entering a username and password, users will see the control hub for their router. This hub contains usage information on the router, its current operating state, and more. Netgear routers tend to feature a troubleshooting wizard in this portal for handling issues.

A user can run this wizard to detect common problems. In most cases, the Netgear router will reset itself to solve network errors. Users can always reset their routers through this portal anyways, which usually clears most issues. Various settings can be tweaked to improve network performance, too. Without a doubt, an individual shouldn’t change these settings without the proper amount of knowledge.

Although tends to apply to Netgear routers, any device can be set to this IP address. Either way, users that navigate here will find the login portal for their particular router. It’s important to head here in order to deal with router and connection problems. Settings need to sometimes be changed to restore proper access. In the end, a router reset will more than likely solve most issu


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