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6 Sep 2016
Established connections to at-home wireless networks or public wireless networks (“hotspots”) are convenient but do not require consumers to understand the underlying setup. Therefore, networks do not necessarily fit the needs of all users.

The selection of the best wireless router, in particular, is crucial because it serves as an intermediary transmitting the signal from the internet service provider (ISP) to consumers. The best wireless router should be chosen based on many factors including but not limited to signal speed, type of usage, and security features.

The signal speed is the first consideration to make in order to find the best wireless router for your environment. The signal is usually at its maximum speed and strength...

6 Sep 2016
Unfortunately, wireless routers don’t always work as they’re designed to by their manufacturers. All routers are susceptible to certain network and other issues. The average person doesn’t have much experience tackling these issues. However, any person can access their Netgear router at to diagnose problems. Logging into this access point allows a user to rest their router and perform other actions.

Netgear Wireless Router Troubleshooting

Most Netgear routers default to, which is a private IP address. Only users on the local network can access this address. After entering a username and password, users will see the control hub for their router. This hub contains usage information on the router, its current...